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People who are fond of events and socialization look for various ways! With hotspot and location features, the Gaggle app notifies you about the nearby public event! The aim is to continue to serve the customers!

An entertainment-focused app is truly advantageous because people feel burned out due to hectic schedules. Living in a beautiful community that caters to relevant public events is a blessing for those living there! Or if you are shopping or eating out, you can access any nearby public event just an app away!

Problem Statement

Maximizing the adequate working of an app to build customers' trust

Downloading the All Events with the Gaggle app is a good way to determine what events are taking place in your city. You may perform an event search or browse by category!


To find local happenings of all types through location

Enable location access or use the city search to see what's happening nearby. The mobile will display dates, times, locations, maps, and associated events. Events can be browsed by category or available via a search.


Exploring Upcoming and Nearby Events by Assessing the Current Location

This one is one of the finest applications for finding local events. Enable location access to see what's happening nearby or use the city search. The software then shows the time, date, location, and other pertinent data.


We aim to provide an excellent app to reach profound business objectives

  • We deliver a feature-rich mobile app to cater to customer needs!
  • Decreased customer queries and more customers’ trust
  • Improved navigation and reduced user friction

Our Approach

The Unique Checked-In Option

Amazingly designed, the Gaggle App only checks you in if you are at the location!

The traditional check-in options are not location-specific! Your friends and colleagues may not be there, but trick you with a location! The Gaggle App only allows to show a check-in if a user is physically present! The share location function provides very precise and reliable tracking information. Users may tailor their real-time location tracking needs using its user-friendly interface.

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A Cordial Event Hosting Mechanism

Hosting a Great Event is Just Easiest The Gaggle Way!

If you are a lucky Gaggle App user, you can host an event at your location! Simply put the relevant information in the form, and here you plan your best event! (The other app users )can reach you promptly and show their interest while tracking the location of the celebration. Isn’t it wonderful? Let Gaggle handle your programs in a stress-free way!


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