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Luxury brands demand an exorbitant application with a detailed design that showcases opulence. Octalyte helped the brand emerge as a top competitor in the market.

Our teams equipped the sustainable menswear brand by creating flutter applications to streamline shopping experiences. Our designers built an aesthetic appeal while the software engineers catered to the application’s functionality.

Problem Statement

Felicia Paris needed to establish itself as a luxury brand.

Customers trust a brand with an attractive website and interactive interface. Felicia Paris struggled to stand out in the market due to its dated design and lackluster features. The business required a complete revamp.


We needed to create a novel design that set the brand apart.

Felicity Paris’s target audience is well-versed in luxury brands. We needed to design an application that showcased the brand’s opulence while individuating the brand entirely. Our teams devised a plan and put it into action.


We launched a Flutter mobile application with a stellar design.

Octalyte crafted a flutter mobile application, website, and branding strategy for the business. Our experts focused on the details to create a simplistic, contemporary design, making the products the design’s statement.


Our design and development teams launched a striking application that yielded positive results.

  • Over 100,000 visitors over the entire duration of the operation
  • More than 60,000 products purchased in a month
  • Almost 80% pre-booked orders in a month
  • The success empowered the brand to launch a new collection

Our Approach

Flutter Mobile Application

Felicia Paris can now reach customers on both iOS and Android platforms.

Octalyte crafted an exquisitely designed flutter mobile application for Felicia Paris. Our objective aligned with the brand’s goal of reaching customers with an eye for detail. We kept the design simplistic, drawing the customer’s eyes directly to the product offerings. We integrated the latest features to optimize the application’s functionality.

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Custom Shopify Website Design

A custom Shopify design that highlighted the brand’s unique offerings.

Our teams delivered a custom Shopify website design to capture the essence of the Felicity Paris brand. We focused on design and functionality to provide customers with the best user experience. Our teams integrated motion graphics, video content, and share buttons to strengthen the business’ branding and marketing strategy.


We Specialize in..

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Ionic

  • Kotlin

  • Flutter

  • Objective

  • Swift

  • React Native

  • Python

  • JavaScript

  • HTML

  • SQL

  • CSS

  • React

  • JAVA

  • Php

  • JAVA

  • Node.js

  • Mongo db

  • Mysql

  • Mssql

  • Firebase

  • Dynamodb

  • Redis

  • Ethereum

  • Solidity

  • Bitcoin

  • Stellar

  • Node

  • XRP

  • Litecoin

  • Bitcoin Cash

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