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Pioneering Technologies
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  • Ethereum

  • Solidity

  • Bitcoin

  • Stellar

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  • XRP

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Blockchain Development Services

Octalyte blockchain developers hold proficiencies in the following services:

  • Blockchain Security
  • Smart Contract Development & Deployment
  • Decentralized Apps (dApps)
  • E-Wallet Platform
  • Blockchain Cloud Services

Progressive Blockchain

Octalyte offers customized blockchain development services that surpass industry standards. Check them below:


Private Blockchain Networks

Our blockchain developers build secure and scalable blockchain networks with reduced downtime. Octalyte offers customized solutions.


Decentralized Apps (dApps)

Octalyte' all-inclusive services extend decentralized applications. We provide encrypted peer-to-peer apps with minimal downtime.


Crypto Wallet

Our blockchain experts can embellish your business applications and websites by creating digital wallets to store and trade cryptocurrencies.


Blockchain market platforms

We help create peer-to-peer marketplaces built with blockchain technology to ensure transparency among all parties.


Asset Tokenization Platforms

Octalyte can help create decentralized platforms for creating, managing, and trading tokens, such as NFT marketplaces.


Smart Contracts Generation

Octalyte generates automated smart contracts and multi-party agreements, which ensure the enforcement of contractual obligations.


Happy customers paving our way for greater success.

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Hala Shams

I have had the absolute pleasure working with Octalyte. The team is motivated and has lots of knowledge in this field. Their workflow skills, ingenuity, and comprehension of change requests of the project we worked on made the project a dream come true. I found the team’s enthusiasm and dedication to this project very reliable. I would highly recommend Octalyte for App development

Ashley M. | Marketing Manager

Why Hire Octalyte for your Blockchain Development Project?

Octalyte aims to provide you with creative blockchain services that are bound to have a successful outcome. Moreover, our blockchain software developers can consult technical aspects for your business project. We believe startups should be competitive in the market and plan our projects accordingly. Octalyte always aims to meet deadline and ensure the quality of its work with a set of professionals in the quality assurance team.

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Octalyte Blockchain Development Method

We follow an agile methodology at Octalyte. Check our blockchain development procedure stepwise:


Octalyte values its customer's ideas and suggestions. We carry out brainstorming sessions with our expert blockchain developers to provide your business with authentic and reliable solutions.

Discovery Phase

Octalyte blockchain developers first create a feasibility report, explain the data's scope, and prioritize the data safety according to private and public requirements.

Product Viability Study

Identify the blockchain consensus and technology that should be used and Develop a Proof of Concept (POC) to assess the full capabilities of the blockchain project.

Development Phase

Octalyte designs smart contracts, sets up a blockchain link, and integrates it with the product's backend development of user-friendly mobile and web apps, evaluating smart contracts' security.

Quality Assurance Phase

Although Octalyte have testing protocols after each development phase, we do complete testing to assure quality after the project completion to provide our clients with an excellent user experience.

Maintenance and Support

We provide continuous monitoring of the execution of the transaction via blockchain technology and ensure third-line development to have smooth functioning of the features.

Top Industries That Use Blockchain Technology

Here are the top industries that use blockchain technologies in full swing to grow their businesses.


Banks transfer billions of information and use shared databases and cryptography. Blockchain ensures accuracy and safe data sharing while enabling multiple parties to simultaneously access a continuously updated blockchain system that remains the same.

Cloud Computing

Businesses use blockchain to integrate cloud computing and store data on both public and private clouds. It has recently been demonstrated that the centralized cloud computing model is no longer secure. When combined with blockchain technology, it completes the package by offering information security.

Stock Trading

A modern concept in stock trading is emerging as a result of the advancement of technology. Disruptive blockchain technology is gaining popularity in the buying, selling, and trading of stocks as a means of enhancing the settlement process, as well as the speed and security of the process.


Elections involve voter identity verification, secure record keeping to track votes, and reliable tallies to identify the winner using voting locations, lower expenses, and more efficiency. Voting systems need to be improved. The answer is blockchain, which is used to design a voting system that is secure, precise, and traceable.

Real Estate

The procedure will be flexible, efficient, and time-saving thanks to blockchain, which also helps the stakeholders feel more confident about their transactions. Applications for real estate blockchain can assist with the recording, tracking, and transferring of land titles, property deeds, liens, and more, as well as with the accuracy and verifiability of all documents.


Blockchain technology can reduce workload, save time, and eliminate errors. Unlike e-learning, which uses servers connected online to deliver educational services, blockchain offers a distributed digital ledger where all transactions are recorded and made public.

Our Approach

Awards & Recognitions
Top Mobile App Development Company

AppFutura recognized our teams and organization for being one of the top mobile app development companies.

Top Mobile App Development Company

Similarly, goodfirms recognized our performance and client satisfaction for top app development company.

Top React Native Developers 2022

With React Native being our core strength, Clutch recognized our experts for top react native developers in 2022.

The Best Digital Agency

Apart from design & development, Octalyte digital services was recognized by Design Rush in 2022 for Best Digital Agency.

Top Developers for Genuine Quality 2022

The premier quality and outcome of your app’s was recognized and awarded by Top Developers in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

How has blockchain transformed the mobile app industry?

Blockchain development has transformed the mobile app industry in different ways for businesses. It has provided businesses with a secure and transparent environment and safeguards digital information with a decentralized architecture. Octalyte will now take care of your business transformation from traditional ways to modern techniques. Connect with us today.

What are the advantages of blockchain development services?

Blockchain is the best technology to deliver this kind of data because it grants authorized network users immediate, open, and transparent access to data in a blockchain network. Blockchain technology lets you track orders, payments, accounts, and objects. Octalyte provides an authentic and reliable blockchain space for your business.

Why should you choose Octalyte for blockchain development?

To help you successfully deploy NFT and other blockchain projects, Octalyte have years of experience providing blockchain software development services. We have delivered many tokenization-related projects that have been flawlessly completed. Our team always fulfills their commitment and delivers them on time.

How much does blockchain app development cost?

The cost of blockchain app development depends on multiple factors, including the number of stakeholders interacting with the app, the app's complexity, the niche, and industry standards. It is better to have a budget before opting for a blockchain development solution. Octalyte have vast experience in this field. Contact us today!

Where can you use blockchain technology in your business?

There are several ways to use blockchain technology in your business. We have listed a few uses of blockchain technology in your business:

Cloud-Based Storage
Crypto Payment (NFTs)
Electronic Voting
Supply-Chain communication
Smart contract system

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Nathaniel Kerr

“They have the skills to create top-grade gaming applications on Unreal and Unity engines."

Shirley Weaver

“They helped me cash in on NFTs by transforming my art into a Non-Fungible Token."

Stewart Pennington

“Octalyte's quality of work has made it my go-to service for app and game development."

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